If you want to get out, meet other new mamas in the community and spend time with your little ones all while getting fit then you'll love our strollerFIT program!

Our classes

We combine cardiovascular conditioning, full body strength training, as well as core strengthening to get those tummy muscles back up and running! We also focus on some exercises targeted at your pelvic floor to help strengthen our lady bits because no ladies, it's not entirely normal to pee when you laugh or sneeze! 

All mamas must be at least 6 weeks postpartum and have doctors clearance for physical exercise. bring a towel or mat to class (although not required) and a bottle of water. As many babies/toddlers as you can handle are welcome! This class can be quite unstructured with lots of breaks to feed/change your babes so no judgement here. Alongside being a pre and postnatal yoga and fitness instructor, I'm also certified in baby cuddles so I will be more than happy to hold your little's if you wanna continue your workout and keep up the sweat! We incorporate lot's of songs and activities so your babes have fun too and every day in the program is different so you'll never be bored! We offer modifications for most exercises to suit those newbies or those just getting back into exercise after nine months of couch surfing as well as those recovering from an injury. Everyone can work at their own pace and all fitness levels are welcome. Alongside all of this, you'll probably make some new friends AND strollerFIT will help with

How to join

Head to our FACEBOOK group to sign yourself up and your first class is FREE! If you love us and want to come back, we'll sign you up for $12 per class (when 3 or more are purchased) OR if you can't commit to every week, feel free to drop in when you can. Casual sessions are $15 but must be pre-booked 24 hours in advance. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!


Payment can be made on the day, just show up a few minutes early :)We take cash or card.


Telephone: 0452 449 722

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